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Scheer invites customers and other interested parties to the Scheer Digital World Congress every year. Around 200 participants take part at the innovative congress. One of the challenges is to provide each participant with individual information that is tailored to his or her interests. Experience shows that congress participants prefer the digital way.

This allows them to access the information conveniently on their smartphones, tablets or desktop, regardless of time and place. In this context, Scheer wanted to create a platform every participant could access to concentrate on the content that really interests him or her.


Together with eventbaxx a platform that bundles all information and offers it individually to each participant should be established. The requirements also included the measurability of marketing activities and ROI. By analyzing the special interests of the participants, Scheer wants to be able to derive further key topics for subsequent events.


The implementation took place at the Scheer Digital World Congress 2017. The congress offered three different tracks on the topics ''Digital Transformation'', ''Intelligent BPM'' and ''SAP''. Scheer created content for all theme tracks, which were filled with contents like whitepapers, eBooks or factsheets. Depending on the previously defined interests, the relevant content were displayed for each participant.

In addition, a bag was created, which was sent a few days after the congress, including videos and presentation slides. It was possible to track which contents were viewed and which topics received the greatest attention. At the same time, it is ecologically aware, as there is no need to print paper-based information material. Scheer will also use eventbaxx for subsequent events.


Opening rate of >86%


High level of interaction



Tablet Tablet

What Scheer said


With eventbaxx we were able to provide all participants with important information, before and after the congress. A positive side-effect was that our partners and exhibitors could also share information. In contrast to the print materials used so far, the interaction and success of actions can be measured exactly


Katharina Fuchs

Event Marketing Manager

Scheer GmbH

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