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Challenges and goals

SWISS-MOTO is always committed to satisfy its partners, sponsors and participants. This includes offering innovative ways to inspire exhibitors as well as partners and sponsors once again for the fair. eventbaxx connects the mentioned parties by offering a platform on which the contents of the partners and sponsors are made available for the participants.

In this case eventbaxx was used as a digital coupon book and gave the participants access to various lotteries before, during or after the fair.


The participants could register on a SWISS-MOTO landing page for the eventbaxx digital voucher book and profit from the added value.

Not only existing customers but also new customers could be acquired and directly supplied with added value. SWISS-MOTO was able to monitor the click data of the users and thus gain a deeper insight into the behavior and needs of the participants.


In total, there were 6,710 landing page views. A sum of 4,960 eventbaxx were opened with a conversion rate of almost 74%. The SWISS-MOTO Bag recorded 5,306 coupon openings, which ultimately means a coupon opening rate of over 100%.

SWISS-MOTO benefits most of all from the tracking component. All eventbaxx and coupon views can be analyzed to give partners, sponsors and exhibitors a detailed report and calculate their ROI. With the introduction of eventbaxx partners, sponsors and fair participants could be satisfied.

With 38,131 sheets of paper and 190,655 liters of water saved by using eventbaxx compared to a printed voucher book, SWISS-MOTO took a further step towards sustainability and extended the physical limits of its own exhibition halls with a new, user-friendly, digital channel.


Opening rate of 74%


High level of interaction



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What SWISS-MOTO said


The digital goodie bag from eventbaxx enabled us to go beyond the physical limits of our exhibition halls by distributing the content of all our exhibitors, partners and sponsors to our visitors before, during and after the SWISS-MOTO in an easy way.


Andreas Sieber

Head of Communication

MCH Messe Schweiz AG

Initial Situation

In order not to miss the connection in the age of digital transformation, the Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH was looking for an innovative, digital solution to offer the visitors of its fairs added value as well as offers of exhibitors, partners and sponsors directly and digitally accessible.

As a pilot project, the popular Karlsruher fair Offerta was selected. At the event, the latest trends from the automotive, sports and style sectors, creative ideas for hobby and leisure, food culture and lifestyle and more are presented in various theme parks.


The objective was to attract more visitors to the fair by placing offers from exhibitors, partners and sponsors. By that the digital reach of the event should be increased as well as the digital advertising impact before, during and after the Offerta. The partially anonymous visitors of the fair were to be given a 'digital face' and the digital address pool was to be expanded.

In order to achieve these goals and thereby increase the digital reach of the event and to offer sponsors a new platform, the digital goodie bag was implemented. Exhibitors and sponsors have the possibility to present their offers digitally and thus interact with the visitors and not let them get lost in the crowd of participants.


Opening rate of 94 %


High level of interaction



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What Offerta said


We used eventbaxx as a digital trade fair bag which enabled us to achieve an opening rate of over 94 %. We were able to connect our partners, sponsors and participants and provide very accurate analyses of the marketing activities.


Marc Ringswald

Digital Business Manager

Karlsruher Messe und Kongress GmbH

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